Tuesday, February 5, 2019


Two of our Hope Centre boys, Thomas and Kemboi, are in the school where a Form 4 student plus a student from another school, killed one of the teachers, Mr Omare. The full story can be read here:


As if the trauma on especially the boys were not enough, the Ministry of Education - when visiting the school - then decided that the bording school (of only the boys) should be closed with immediate effect. It's a well-known fact that people (especially children) who have experienced trauma, should stay in their routine as far as possible. Many of the boys witnessed the grusame scene of the murder, and both our boys told us that those images haunt them day and night. But ... it is what it is, so we were forced to look for outside accommodation.

Thomas is a Form 4 student who is doing is KCSE this year, so it was imperative that we find him a place near the school where he can learn undisturbed. Fortunately he is already 20years old, so that helped when he announced that he, and two other Form 4 boys, want to share a place near the school.

After much prayer, the Lord provided for Kemboi a place at our friends' home, not too far from Hopewell School. He is now only in Form 2, so obviously we wanted him in a  more secure environment.

Here is Kemboi with Past and Mrs Charles Koech. (The cutie pie is our grandson, Lyjan)
Your prayers for both the boys - as well as for the entire Hopewell School - will be appreciated.

Obviously this is bringing about extra expenses as we now need to cater for their needs on a monthly basis. Kemboi lost his sponsor somewhere during the course of last year, so right now we are praying for God's provision to be released.

Thank you for standing with them. God bless.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

URGENT PRAYER NEEDED ... Two former YASHA Hope Centre boys, who'd gone back to the streets, returning.

OK, we are in a dilemma and we need your prayers. But like in ... We REALLY need your prayers!

Martin & Oscar were amongst the first boys we rescued from the streets in May 2012.

Martin is on the left in front and Oscar on the right.

We had issue upon issue with them running back and forth to the streets until they finally both ran back beginning 2015, never to return again. For about a year we never heard from them until a few weeks ago when Martin phoned and told me they want to come back. I then told him we can meet in town for a meeting ... Well, this morning they arrived at our home in Nakuru 'boots and all'.

Martin and Oscar

Thank God they returned to their mom late last year, meaning they at least did not live on the streets anymore. However, circumstances at their home is what made them run away in the first place. With four other smaller kids in a single small room, their mom isn't capable of looking after them or even to host them to be honest.
They both look good, but the one million dollar question is now:

'What to do? What to do? What to do?'

2013 - Here is Oscar, Martin & Kemboi at Lerwa Centre of Excellence. Oscar and Martin chose to go back to the streets while Kemboi endured and decided to grasp the opportunity of getting an education with both hands ... Today Kemboi is the Head Boy of Lerwa.

Pray with us as we'll have to look into this matter seriously. We care for these boys, but we also have many other things to consider and right now funds are low (we all know how THAT can blur ones vision!)

We have confidence in the fact that Father God knows ... We trust that He will show us His heart. Pray for wisdom, discernment and grace to do His Will in this matter as He is the One Who gave His life for these boys. Pray that they will be ready to accept His Gift of life and not step on His goodness again. Asante sana!

Friday, March 11, 2016

Kelvin Kemboi chosen as Head Boy of Lerwa Centre of Excellence

Congratulations to Kelvin Kemboi for being chosen as the Head Boy of his school during the 2016-2017 term. Kemboi used to be a street boy before being rescued by Wilco and Lydia Venter.

31 May 2012 ... Kemboi is on the far right side at the back.
The song that comes to mind is ...
'It is no secret, what God can do ... What He's done for others, He'll do for you.'

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Small JOY (4 yrs old) still needs a sponsor :-)

Small Joy (we call her like that because our daughter is also named Joy), is part of our Hope Centre program. She literally grew up before us and is like a granddaughter to us. She recently joined the same school, Lerwa School of Excellence, where most of our Hope Centre kids go. It's a great school and we also get quite a bit of discount due to the fact that we work with needy children.  Here are a few adorable photos of this little sweetheart.


Here is Joy on her 4th birthday together with f.l.t.r. Teday, Timothy and her little brother, Emmanuel.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Two news boys have joined YASHA Hope Centre, John & Felix ...

Towards the end of 2014, we regularly bumped into two boys in Nakuru streets, John & Felix. They both have been in school before, but due to John's mother who just can't keep up with her responsibilities financially and Felix's drunkard farther, they both decided to rather spend their days on the street where they at least have a chance that somebody might give them food or money for food.

We started a relationship with them, and very soon learn that they both desire to go back to school. We then visited John's mother, a lady with numerous other kids who's trying her level best to survive with very little recourses.

F.l.t.r. Peter (a friend who operates as a hawker in Nakuru and who helped us a lot whenever we
needed to get hold of the boys), Felix, John, John's mother, Teacher Damaris and Wilco.
 In January 2015 John and Felix joined Lerwa Centre of Excellence, a school attended by some of our other Hope Centre kids.


This was made possible by the donations of caring friends. Even a small amount of money can make a difference. We are grateful.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Thomas and Kemboi completed the "Way of Passage" (or male circumcision) - 3 Dec 2014

Kemboi in the red masaai blanket on the left and Thomas a little behind in the green blanket.

The boys, wrapped in their masaai blankets, look so colourful.

Every parent had the privilege to take about their sons ...

We did this programme through Citam Church, Nakuru and I must say, they did a very good job.

Parents were to cut cake for their boys.

Tradition in Kenya suggests that cake should be served to the "VIP" whether during a wedding, a graduation, etc.

After Kemboi was being served with cake, he now serves the rest of the family.

Each child also gave a speech to testify what the teachings and activities during that week had meant to them and to appreciate the parents for sending them.

F.l.t.r. is Teday, Timothy, Stefanus, Kemboi and Thomas.
It was lovely having some visitors with us to make the celebration even more special.

Here is one "proud mama" with her boys.
"Thank you bro Maritim for giving yourself to these boys ... May God richly bless you!"

Thursday, January 9, 2014

First day of School in 2014

F.l.t.r. Is Kemboi, Martin, Joseph and Oscar
The boys had gone back to school on Tuesday (7/1) ... how handsome they've looked on their first day!
We thank God that Martin, Joseph and Oscar now have sponsors
(although Oscar is only partially sponsored, still needing $19, 12GBP / R200 per month).
We are so grateful towards these precious friends
who are willing to sow into their lives.
(Updated 10 June 2014)

Please pray with us that Joseph and Kemboi

will also get sponsors soon!
Both of them are doing very well at school - I can guarantee you that it is seed sown into fertile soil.

With only $45 / 30GBP / R500 per month you can help one of these former street boys reach their potential ...
What a privilege ... what an honor to be able to help built and shape a child, especially those who are forgotten by society.

We value your ongoing support towards YASHA Hope Centre.